Saturday, 19 October 2013

Song Change - Planning, Print Productions & Video

Just after doing my pitch, I decided to change my existing song choice, to Janelle Monae's 'Dance or Die', for which I still plan to use all my existing research and planning, as it is by the same artist as my previous song and is therefore valid for all the same ideas and shots. 
This change was for a number of reasons:

- The song was too long. At 4:26 it would have required too much time for shooting and subsequent editing, so a shorter song would be appropriate. At 3:13 'Dance or Die' is adequate. 
- One of chosen performers, Freddi, will be away for most of the shooting period, so using this song (in which only a few seconds of the it requires a male performer) means I can still use him for my music video as intended as he is perfect for the role of the male speaker in the song.
- As 'Dance or Die' doesn't already have a music video and is an album track (from 2010, so won't be released during the process of making my music video, either), it is still acceptable for use.

I asked for permission again from the same record label for use of this song:

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