Thursday, 3 October 2013

Goodwin's Theories - #3

The concept of synaethesia, according to Goodwin, is a process by which sensory impressions are carried over from one sense to another. For example, when listening to music you envisage certain images/memories that are associated with that song style, be it through society's genre characteristics or through personal experiences.  

Goodwin also points out that there are certain ways in which to create desired levels of atmosphere. These are three technical features that can be manipulated in order to help the audience 'see the music', and are: cinematography, editing and mise-en-sceneOne way in which we 'see the music' is the way the visuals are edited to fit the music. For example, editing certain images 'on the beat', as shown below, in The Beastie Boys' video for 'Sabotage'.

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