Saturday, 26 October 2013

Risk Assessment - Planning, Print Productions & Video

Potential danger
Potential outcomes
Actions to avoid potential outcomes
Benefits of filming in this location
Do benefits outweigh risks?
Tripping over lighting kit/power cables (studio)
Serious injury/electrocution

Cables are to be taped to the floor for the duration of each shoot
(Lighting kits to be used in studio only) I can get the exact background and lighting by using a studio for certain shots

Tripping and falling off the slightly raised edge of the platform (studio)
Serious injury
Ensure the step is made clearly visible and known, with enough light in the studio to see it at all times
The studio is required in order to get certain shots, such as a silhouette of performer/s.
Parked and moving cars (outside)
Serious injury/being knocked down
Any outdoor filming will be done in quiet, fully-lit (if shooting at night) residential areas
Shot varieties. Shooting outside will give a different dimension to the narrative and add some increased interest
Animals/pets (if Charlie’s house is chosen as a shooting location for certain elements of the video)
Allergic reaction
All pets will be banned from the shooting room/area. All performers will be warned in advance of pets on the premises.
Charlie’s house, if chosen, will be required for some shots as an easy and highly effective alternative to a full-size studio.

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