Monday, 21 October 2013

Research of Target Audience & Audience Profile - Planning, Print Productions & Video

I created a Facebook group and added friends who were appropriate for 1) the target audience (17-21 year olds) and 2) responding with the type of feedback I need, and not with comments simply just stating that they love it, for example.

I will use this group for my digipak, the magazine advertisement and the final music video, and will upload each in the developing stages as they happen.

I also created a powerpoint presentation showing the audience profile for my chosen genre:

Audience Profile summary:

- You love to dance alone in your bedroom to your favourite songs whilst getting ready for the day.
- You cannot even begin to think of setting out in your car without first putting on some music.
- America's Next Top Model is your guilty pleasure.
- You dream of relaxing on Santa Monica Beach, CA.
- The thought of living in Australia greatly appeals to you - despite the spiders.

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