Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Music Video Research Assignment - Planning

For my main music video research, I have decided to analyse a video for a song by Janelle Monáe (my chosen artist). The song is called PrimeTime; a downtempo track about the love between two people, and how one shouldn't wait for 'the starts to align' for love to happen. As well as this, I will analyse the video for Adorn You by Miguel, another PBR&B artist. This song, also about love, is more upbeat and playful than PrimeTime in terms of melody and lyrical content, with the theme being the metaphor of him 'adorning' a woman with his love.

Being from the PBR&B genre and indie/electronic/soul persuasion, these videos both feature characteristics that are significant and specific to these genres. For example, in 

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