Thursday, 3 October 2013

Goodwin's Theories - #4

Andrew Goodwin theorises that the demands of the artist's record label requires the need for plenty of close ups of the artist in order for it reflects their star image or persona. There are three ways in which close ups can be used to help the artist appeal to their target audience: 

1- Close Ups
These can be used as promotional devices, the function being to sell the song.

2- Representing Values
Here, male gaze is apparent, as the artist is presenting herself to be sexually appealing. The artist's actions also help her to create a unique brand identity. 
Artists are commodities that are used to represent values that will be attractive to their target audience. 

3- Identifying With the Audience
The close up of the artist looking directly into the camera allows the audience to experience the emotion the artist is feeling, attracting them into the song; they want to know the reason for, in this case, Miley's crying, leading them to watch the rest of the video. This is a great way to begin a music video.

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