Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pitch Feedback - Music Video

In response to my pitch, I got quite a bit of feedback from the rest of the group. One person liked the fact that I am 'sticking with the conventions of [Janelle's] other music videos', with another person liking my 'costumes and settings' displayed in the pitch. Another positive was the fact that my plans were 'well thought out, health- and safety-wise', and that the overall concept 'sounds very achievable'; 'I like the black and white aspect to the video'.

Some things I could have improved on, looking at my feedback, appear to be that I 'maybe need another element' to the black and white room idea, and that before anything else, I 'need a location'. 
In response to these two main, recurring points, I have decided to include a bigger variety of shots and scenes than first expected, such as perhaps some outdoors shooting. I have also decided on a few places for shooting, each one for a different scene in the video - my house for the main bulk of the shooting, college's photography studio for some silhouetted shots and others that don't require a great deal of space, and a couple of outdoor scenes, for variety and to benefit the narrative.

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