Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Layouts (Sketch) - Print Productions

I drew up a quick sketch of some ideas for the layout and style of the pictures I am planning to shoot for this digipak, and put them in their suitable places on a piece of A5 paper, folded into six squares.
Below are some pictures showing these ideas. 
Above is a foldout of the whole digipak. As this is just a sketch of ideas, I rearranged many of the titles a couple of times in order to get them into appropriate places that will maximise the quality of the end result.

Here is the inside of the digipak, showing the inside covers and where the disc will go.

Lastly, here is a shot of the outside of my digipak, showing the back (when closed) where the track names will be listed, as well as the head front and the flap which folds under the head front, on which I plan to simply list a quotation from the song.


The advertisement layout I plan to use is a simple one, with only the artist's profile visible. This is because I want there to be an element of mystery to the advertisement, like the artist is saying, 'if you want to see the other side of me, check out my music'. From my research, I have found that a general recurring theme of advertisements for albums in this genre is that of simplicity and minimalism, so I plan to continue with this style. 

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