Thursday, 14 November 2013

Costumes - Print Productions & Video

For my digipak & advert and music video, I decided to look at a formal style of costume for my performance, mainly inspired by other music videos by Janelle Monáe, as well as others from the same genre.

Janelle Monáe's video for Many Moons features her dancing in a white suit with black trousers and accessories.
In contrast to Goodwin's theory, Janelle makes a point of covering herself up in her videos and public appearances, opting to wear the suit instead of exposing herself, which is something I plan to incorporate into my own music video.
I plan to use something of this sort of style, but not exactly this, in my music video, with the black bow tie and aforementioned suit-like outfit, for both the male and female performers, but more feminine for the females - as shown here.

Another video that features a notable costume is OutKast's 'Hey Ya!', which features seven clone band members (all Andre 3000), each of whom are wearing a different but coordinated outfit, which I like the idea of, should my performers be unable to perfectly match their outfits together. This means the video won't look unprofessional in terms of costume, but will allow more leeway for the performers.

Potential Cost
Person in charge
Bow tie (if a second one is needed)
Primark/Borrow from Charlie
£1.50 (if bought)
White shirt (“)
Primark/Borrow from Charlie
£6.00 (if bought)
Borrow from Charlie

In terms of props, I don't actually plan to use many, if any at all. My reason for this is that my video will be shot in an empty studio or studio-like environment, with the main focus being on the shots and the dancing. 

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