Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Font - Print Productions

For my digipak and subsequent magazine advertisement, I wanted to use a font from a website rather than the pre-existing ones found on Windows and Mac OS X. This is because fonts contrite to an artist's brand and image, making a well-chosen font extremely important. 

I decided to look on, a website I have using for years for fonts. Below are some I found that I think will be suitable for my work. I like the look of sans-serif fonts for my production, as they fit in with the minimalist design of the rest of my work and, from my research, I have found that the vast majority of PBR&B/indie-soul albums feature simple fonts such as these for their 'head front'. 
I will, however, use a serif font for the bulk of the internal text.


I used to name of the artists in the song to get a feel of what each font looked like for my front cover, for example.


COUTURE is a font I used for my AS Media magazine production, and I love it for its simple yet expensive and professional look.




I searched for something of this style intentionally, rather than having stumbled upon it, because I love the grandiose movie letters style on some album covers and advertisements. 

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  1. 1) Please make sure you include the research fairly early on in your blog.
    2) The target audience profile needs to be included and you need to make use of audience research more frequently. The feedback from your pitch is a good starting point.
    3) Nothing yet about locations, costumes and props. Therefore, these need to be included ASAP - regular updates are what we are looking for.
    4) Sketches for digipak are included, but you need to get going with the video storyboard.
    5) Time management - regular updates about progress would be helpful when assessing your ability to manage time.